This is What it Takes to be a Successful Musician

As the music industry continues to grow exponentially and incorporate advanced technology, creating a revenue stream in the business has become even more competitive than ever before. Pocket money as a musician isn’t that difficult, but for a true career path to take off, lots of hard work is required and there many factors that can dictate the start of your musical career. First and foremost, it is important to have realistic goals in order to succeed. Bearing that in mind, the following are qualities that result in successful musicians.


No Other Choice

When there is no other option to rely on, you have to make a way with what you’ve got directly in front of you, which is how many professional musicians have managed to reach their goals. There are tons of stories of musicians roughing it for years and playing on the streets before finally making it as a professional musician. Overcoming initial adversity requires being adventurous and brave enough to dive headfirst into a musical career and not look back.


Work Hard and Self-Education

True musicians in this day and age must wear several hats in order to make ends meet. In many bands, it is quite common for members to split the roles necessary to get the job done, assuming roles as the promoter, manager, and booking agent for the group. Solo artists also must juggle these jobs sometimes as well, necessitating having a clear understanding of each role and how to cover the bases doing any of them by remaining up to date on the latest information to generate revenue in the music-making business. For many artists, working overtime for their musical careers eventually becomes a way of life in order to maintain a steady artistic income.


The Art of Living Modestly

Since musicians are constantly on the bubble when it comes to touring and generating income, learning the art of living modestly is an absolute necessity for most, especially if just starting out. Even stable performers may have to endure years or even decades of hard work before they are able to capitalize on the hard work they’ve invested in their music. First, work hard to create a stable flow of income to cover the basics like food, gas, and utilities. Conducting workshops or teaching lessons is another way to supplement income while gaining knowledge about the business. The bottom line is deciding on an easy life or a fulfilling one. There is no harm in dreaming big, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think wisely about every step you take in reaching the good life as a successful musician.


Patience and Persistence


Patience is a virtue that not everyone is blessed with, but is probably one of the most important criteria to making it in the music industry. For musicians, there is no such thing as an overnight success and it may take years before anyone knows your name as an artist. Whatever your musical talents may be, plan on making small steps each day to help you reach the level you want to be at. A dedicated musician looks for opportunities at every turn, always on the search for the next gig or chance to showcase your talents. It is more important to keep your sights set on expanding your career gradually over time as opposed to waiting for that big break.


The Thrill of Working on Your Craft


The passion for creation lives inside every musician and working on it every day will keep stagnation at bay. Aim to stay at the top of your game every time possible and always maintain a high bar set for yourself. Learning the joy of sacrifice is one way in which to motivate yourself to practice and improve your talents.


Generating Revenue in Interesting Ways
Staying atop the music industry means knowing all the available sources to stream revenue. Licensing fees through television, ad campaigns, and movies are great ways for exposure and a check. Create opportunities to practice your art and do whatever it takes to get on stage at all times. Busking is a great way for musicians to make money while working on new material and even connecting with potential new fans. A good sounding acoustic guitar may pay for itself this way over time. At the end of the day, great musicians seek out and create their own opportunities.

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